An outstanding summerhouse is a space that allows you to be close to nature, to feel the tranquillity and simply to be together with your loved ones. These features form the foundation of the SEANICS® summerhouse.

A floating summerhouse that allows you to truly breathe – and to experience a break from the busy everyday life. A space for regaining balance, relaxing and recharging.


Surrounded by the beauty and tranquillity of nature the SEANICS® summerhouse manifests that soothing surroundings have a healing effect: The genuine feeling of inner and outer freedom.

In line with our vision of sustainability, the SEANICS® summerhouse recycles rainwater, converts compost into gas and has solar cells on the roof. The fact that the SEANICS® summerhouse is a boat allows you to experience a Norwegian fjord one summer and a French mountain lake the next.

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