Future living on water


The blue space yields power to induce in us a mindful state of focus and gentle awareness. This is not an invention. This is human nature. In a world of escalating pressure on urban development and effectivity, SEANICS exist to democratize people’s access to water. The aim is to create beautiful surroundings, where humans thrive in sync with our blue instincts.

SEANICS is a flexible, modular space, which activates the water’s potential for new recreational environments. Whether it is a floating meeting room, or a complete island solution, we bring people closer to nature.

A modular system

Our building system on water is designed and scaled according to needs - whether it is a floating meeting room, a sauna, a restaurant, a hotel suite or a complete island solution.

Sustainably built

The innovative and highly sustainable composite material is 100% biomaterial, made from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt fibres. The biocomposite hull structure is resistant to corrosion and welcomes the natural fortification of marine growths.

Sustainable design

Weather resistant

Fully customizable

Electric powered

Modular build

Fully insulated


SEANICS is a product, which creates the opportunity to build aesthetic living spaces on water. Like building bricks, it is a flexible platform that can be designed, dimensioned and scaled according to needs. SEANICS is the world’s first modular, recreational floating system and entails many different applications.

SEANICS is a truly flexible space, which activates the water’s potential for new sojourns and enables people to stay on water in a sustainable, functional and beautiful way.


World’s first special designed catamaran hull made from bio-composite.


Modules can integrate different types of top-sections, e.g. exclusive dinner space or meeting room

Easy anchoring

Modules can be anchored in all harbour types, e.g. by bulwark or anchor


High stability from coupled modules due to the unique coupling- and ballast systems


fiber body

The innovative and highly sustainable composite material is 100% biomaterial, made from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt fibres.

Rooflight windows

The modules’ rooftop can be fitted with VELUX skylights. Through their state-of-the-art products, VELUX are dedicated to create better light and living conditions for all.

Easy to maintain

The SEANICS® modules are low and easy in maintenance. The biocomposite hull structure is resistant to corrosion and welcomes the natural fortification of marine growths.

See our floating sauna

Our first product: a floating sauna for GoBoat. The breathtaking view and the heat of the sauna come together in an out-of-body experience. The sauna can be visited at Islands Brygge 10, Copenhagen.

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Order Process



Get in touch and inquire above desired solution.
A dedicated sales manager will return to you shortly.

24-48 hours

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Customizing modules

In-depth Q&A about final solution and setting.
We can offer detailed visualizations of the product on site.

7-14 days

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When official order is placed the production of modules starts.
Production time varies depending on project scope.

60-120 days

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Shipping & installation

The modules are designed for plug-and-play installation.
We guide you closely and may facilitate shipping and on-site deployment.

14-21 days

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A floating space. A way of life.


Can the SEANICS module sail?

The module is designed and classified as a catamaran boat. If needed, the module can be mounted with an electric motor for self-propelling movement at low speed.

How big is the SEANICS module?

The SEANICS module sizes come in 3 standard dimensions:

20ft: 6(L) x 2.5(W) x 3.3(H)
30ft: 9(L) x 3.75(W) x 3.3(H)
40ft: 12(L) x 5(W) x 3.3(H)
+40ft: custom design

How is the SEANICS transported?

The standard module sizes are designed and optimized for regular transportation on flatbed trucks. Custom dimensioned modules will likely require special transportation.

What is the SEANICS hull made from?

The module consists of 3 overall building elements:

- organic bio composite from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt (catamaran hull structure)
- exterior and interior hardwood cladding (finishing elements)
- panoramic, high-performance windows (facade & rooflight)

How is the SEANICS module sustainable?

Firstly, the organic bio composite has a considerably lower CO2 footprint than regular glass fiber (boats) and close to nothing compared to regular concrete (floating platforms). Secondly, the material is reusable. Thirdly, the material’s high strength numbers and low weight makes it economic in use.